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Oberon - Turn On The Dark - 2017

CD1 - Psy-Tek Mega Mix Part 1

01ChangesThe Beginning06:24
02Michael MilovIt's Coming This Way04:09
03NeosMurderer Of Minds05:46
04R.E.L.O.A.D.Now I'm Disturbed (Splattered Implant Remix)03:56
05OberonNumbers In The Sky05:16
06Neos & OlbaidAncient Gods06:33
07Active Limbic System vs. Peetu SChain Reaction (Christopher Lawrence Remix)04:34
08OberonDangrous Journey (Underground Mix)05:29
09The TechniciansThe Power Of The Darkside (Re:Creation Remix)04:34
11Ellez RiaRevelation05:29
12Diego MorrillCaprakan05:43
13Yan Weinstock1986 (Neos Remix)03:55
14OberonDead Dreams04:55
15OberonThe Rainbow Hunter04:21
16ChangesEvolution Of Language06:17
17Solar ActivityThe Abductor Of Time05:45

CD2 - Psy-Tek Mega Mix Part 2

01Like It ProG-28107:49
03Chris VoroAnathema (Casey Rasch Remix)05:29
04NeosAztec Roots (Diego Morrill 'Manticore' Remix)05:57
05Diego MorrillManticore's Soul05:57
06OberonDifferent World05:02
07OberonElectric Chair05:15
08OberonDanger Ahead05:02
09MilesFragments (Tasso Remix)04:24
10Peter PlaznikPsychotria Viridis04:50
11Greg DowneyKing Dong (Oberon 12'' Remix)05:43
12Clay CParanoid04:00
13John AskewGiving You Acid (Harmonic Rush 'On Salvia' Remix)05:29
14Jamie DrummondMagic Man (Oberon 'Trickster' Remix)05:36
15Diego MorrillFurias05:46
16Zach ZlovTractatus05:47

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Cover for Oberon - Turn On The Dark - 2017
LABEL: Discover Dark
RELEASED: 2017-12-11
STYLE: Trance, Psy-Trance, Tech-Trance