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Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto - Outburst pres. Prism Vol. 2 - 2017

CD1 - Mixed By Mark Sherry

01Thick As ThievesAny Time05:25
02Mark SherryImbecile04:23
03Stuart FergusonRellik03:49
05Markus SchulzThe New World (Mark Sherry Remix)03:35
06David Forbes & Mallorca LeeTime Travel02:59
07Mark Sherry & 2nd PhaseKiller Twist (Cold Blue Remix)05:05
082nd PhaseHot Sauce02:47
09MegamindTaub? (Mark Sherry Remix)03:42
10Stoneface & TerminalSo What03:17
11Mark Sherry & Alex Di StefanoEveryone Is Looking For Us (Coming Soon!!! vs. WAIO Remix)03:27
12David Forbes & Richard DurandComa03:53
13Mark SherryMusic Of The Earth03:55
14Dr. Willis & Myron meet Ricky FobisNo Regular (Mark Sherry Remix)03:05
15Jamie WalkerRebound04:07
16Mark Sherry & Dr. WillisHere Come The Drums (ReDrive Remix)04:34
17LostlyOne Last Look02:17
18Alan MorrisStigmata04:10
20ArgyBearpit (Scot Project Remix)05:10
21Terry Ferminal vs. Mark SherryWalk Away (Gary Maguire Remix)03:14

CD2 - Mixed By Tempo Giusto

01NoteaUp And Down03:10
02OrkideaRedemption (Tempo Giusto Remix)03:21
03Arkham KnightsGravity03:45
04Tempo Giusto & Ima'ginPachinko03:12
05Casey RaschWhat's Next (Tempo Giusto Remix)03:50
06Alex Di StefanoWhat's The Catch03:27
07Ben GoldAtomic (Tempo Giusto Remix)04:28
08Tempo Giusto vs. HP SourceFoul Language04:23
09Amoeba AssassinPiledriver (Greg Downey Remix)03:59
10Lucas DeyongSpectrum03:03
11Mark SherryVengeance (Tempo Giusto Remix)03:47
12Robert NicksonEuphorica03:01
13Bobina feat. Natalie GioiaMy Everything (UCast Remix)03:32
14Tempo GiustoPast x Future04:03
15Ana CriadoStill There's You (A.R.D.I. Remix)03:00
16Mark Sherry & Alex Di StefanoEveryone Is Looking For Us (Tempo Giusto Remix)04:40
17Alex Di StefanoSplit03:27
18Tempo Giusto & Jace HeadlandSuper Cool02:38
20Liquid SoulWake Up04:04
21Tempo GiustoRaindance03:29
22Tempo GiustoBurn04:10

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Cover for Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto - Outburst pres. Prism Vol. 2 - 2017
LABEL: Black Hole Recordings
RELEASED: 2017-12-15
STYLE: Trance, Tech-Trance