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AstroPilot Music - Yearbook 2023 - 2023

01Spectrum VisionThe Elusive (Edit)03:24
02AstroPilot, Unusual Cosmic Process & E-MantraFrozen Moment (A.E.R.O. Remix)04:47
03Spectrum Vision feat. DRUMtheaterThe Toad Shaman04:52
04UJO & Spectrum VisionOrchid05:22
05Richard StonefieldForest Trip07:18
06A.E.R.O. & Unusual Cosmic ProcessClose To The Stars (Post Rock Rework)02:59
07Arte VaraREDSILENCE06:50
08AstroPilot & Arte Vara feat. FLORALYNThunder Road04:56
09Richard StonefieldOrion03:32
10AstroPilot & Andrew OddEternity (A.E.R.O. Remix)04:39
11AstroPilotEternity (Unusual Cosmic Process 'Ambient' Rework)03:06
12Dynamic IllusionSingularity02:20
13Unusual Cosmic ProcessControl The Subconscious05:04
14Arte Vara & AstroPilotLiminal Space03:42
15AstroPilot & Unusual Cosmic ProcessPerpetual Serenade03:05

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Cover for AstroPilot Music - Yearbook 2023 - 2023
LABEL: AstroPilot Music
RELEASED: 2023-12-22
STYLE: Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Progressive Chill, Psychill