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AstroPilot Music - Yearbook 2023 (Ambient Edition) - 2024

01AstroPilot & Unusual Cosmic ProcessCelestial Forms04:27
02AstroPilotGleaming On The Horizon01:24
03A.E.R.O. & Unusual Cosmic ProcessAlien Skies (U.C.P. 'Ambient' Rework)02:58
04AstroPilotEternity (Unusual Cosmic Process 'Ambient' Rework)02:29
05Unusual Cosmic ProcessLight At The Bottom (Ambient Rework)03:50
06AstroPilot & Unusual Cosmic ProcessBoundless Journey06:14
07AstroPilot & Unusual Cosmic ProcessSoaring05:24
08AstroPilot & Unusual Cosmic ProcessInfinity's Embrace04:29
09AstroPilotLast Dance (Drone Version Part II)05:26
10AstroPilot & Unusual Cosmic ProcessPerpetual Serenade04:00
11A.E.R.O. & Unusual Cosmic ProcessBack In Time (Ambient Rework)03:21
12AstroPilotThe Unfolding Silence01:28
13AstroPilotMillions Light Years Away (Long-Form Drone Version)04:00
14Unusual Cosmic Process & PantographRemoted (Ambient Rework)02:57
15AstroPilotWhiff Of Eternity08:49

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Cover for AstroPilot Music - Yearbook 2023 (Ambient Edition) - 2024
LABEL: AstroPilot Music
RELEASED: 2024-01-05
STYLE: Ambient, Drone