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Para X - Discover 200 - 2017

01Neal ScarboroughStung On The River (Corin Bayley Remix)05:50
02Chris HampshireNinety Four (Ciro Visone Remix)05:34
03Mike Nichol feat. Elles De GraafSo Far Away (Para X Remix)06:02
04Ben Gold feat. SenadeeToday (Fredd Moz Remix)06:30
05Para XMagical Soundwave (Cenk Basaran Remix)05:36
06Greg DowneyVivid Intent (Simon McCann Remix)05:48
07Thomas DattDistance (Para X Remix)04:26
08Chris Hampshire & BissenThe Vault (Obi Remix)04:37
09Gary Maguire feat. Lisa AbbotBy My Side (Mahaputra pres. Trance Forever Remix)05:49
10Para XApocalipsis05:35
11Sly One vs. JurraneEverything To Me (Opt-In Remix)07:05

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Cover for Para X - Discover 200 - 2017
LABEL: Discover Records
RELEASED: 2017-08-21
STYLE: Trance